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Restaurant Review-Moe's

Monday, June 05, 2006

I had lunch today at Moe's Mexican Grill on 9th street and enjoyed the experience.

I went with the "Full Monty" w/ chicken, which is just a chicken soft taco, and a regular quesadilla, otherwise known as a "Sherman Klump". The taco came with a side of tortilla chips. I topped it all off with a Diet Coke. The damage was about $6.

Both items were good with the tortillas used tasting fresh as well as the ingredients. I somehow got a cup of queso dip, which I dipped the quesadilla in. From now on, I deffinatly need to order the queso dip because it is delicious and a pleasant addition to the 'dilla. The tortilla chips left alot to be desired and tasted stale.

I would recommend this over Chipotle any day of the week however. I think Chipotle uses too many spices making their food a tad spicy.

The best part of the meal was the coupon they gave me when I paid for my order. It apparently entitles me to "Buy One, Get One" or half off any menu item next time. This guarantees next time will be a better experience solely based on the fact I am a cheap, cheap man.

Register at Moes.com to get free stuff, so says the signage in the restaurant. Look at the menu there and also find other locations.
posted by Ryan Brockschmitt, 4:25 PM


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