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Mizzou Rant

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

    The most recent editorial in the Maneater is calling for the T.A. Brady's name to be dropped from the name of the new student center. The editorial points out that students are paying over half for the new student center and should be able to have a voice in naming it. In my view, the "university" isn't even kicking any money into the project. The 49% that they say comes from the "university" is coming from Campus Dining and the Bookstore. How did those two get all this money? By making a profit off students.
    It's about time for Mizzou students to face facts. No one in power in this state cares about college students. Why do you think tution is so high? Because the powers that be in this state aren't putting enough money into higher education. Folks that can't afford the tuition can take out loans from MOHELA, where they won't exactly be charged rock-bottom prices. Why else would the state be able to sell the loans for $350 million? Oh yeah, and don't think that $350 million is going to go to bring tuition down. It's going for more buildings. The names of all the buildings built with that money should include "middle class". The Matt Blunt Middle Class Life Sciences Building. Has a nice ring to it, doesn't it.
    The Curators don't care about the students. They pitched a fit when the students wanted one darn vote on their happy little board. It was like a woman trying to vote way back when or something. One Curator went and complained to anyone that would listen about what kinds of events student fees were paying for. Students were the ones deciding what the money was spent on.
    Anyone who says the powers that be at Mizzou care that much about students is lying. Lying like if I said that T.A. Brady had a gay friend.
posted by Ryan Brockschmitt, 10:17 PM


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