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Floyd Leaving Isn't Sad

Saturday, December 16, 2006

    The Maneater ran an article about Elson Floyd leaving the UM system to take a job with Washington State University. Elson said he was sad to leave and some Curators said it was a sad day for the University. I would like to call BullS*** on both of those. Elson can not say it is a sad day; it's not like he is being forced to take the other job. A position he viewed as a better job came open and he ditched UM to take that job. The Curators can't consider it a sad day for the University. They got ditched by their man. Who really cares if Floyd is leaving? Don't call the man a saint. He left UM high and dry. I wonder if we can roll Pinkel and his cronies up in the package as well? Send them packing ASAP. I would feel more comfortable in the Sun Bowl with Chase Daniel calling all the shots. Heck, let Chase Daniel lead the offense on the field while Chase Patton wears the headset. Brian Smith can take over the defense.
posted by Ryan Brockschmitt, 11:22 PM


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