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Tony Temple. . .I don't even know what to say

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

So I am pretty sure that when you are recovering from shoulder surgery, you shouldn't get in a fistfight.

That's exactly what happened to Tony Temple as reported by the Columbia Tribune here

So, let me sum up what appears to have happened:

Temple's girlfriend, Kendra Power (check out her MU softball profile)got angry at a kitchen worker at Bennigan's at the Courtyard by Marriot hotel (out at the AC exit off 63). The argument was originally over the kitchen employee messing up an order. As it escalated, Power called Temple to come up to deal with it. The argument moved outside and all 3 (Temple, Power, and the kitchen employee) got into a fistfight. Cops came and all 3 were arrested. Temple got out on $500 bond for the misdemeanor. The article didn't say what happened to the others.

I really would like to have been a fly on a wall for this altercation. I'm sure it was handled without the utmost maturity. I mean cmon, when do see football players not acting like fine, upstanding citizens?
posted by Ryan Brockschmitt, 12:26 PM


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