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Article on Mizzou Football Player Jamar Smith

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Linked below is an article detailing why Mizzou Football player Jamar Smith has been acting up in practice and partially why he lost his starting spot to Ziggy Hood.

Apparently, part of the problem deals with Jamar's brother being put in jail in Flordia on robbery charges. Jamar's 19 year old brother seem to be blaming him for his problems. I hate to get into family issues too much, but this does affect Mizzou's Football team.

This looks a whole lot like someone blaming someone else for their problems. Jamar's brother seems to think that his brother leaving for college led him down the wrong path. Sounds a lot like a load of crap to me, anyone else?

Jamar, it ain't you fault. Quit letting people make you think it is. Your brother needs to own up to his actions.

Read the article from the STL P-D and decide for yourself here
posted by Ryan Brockschmitt, 10:52 PM


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