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Mizzou Administrators: What The Hell?

Friday, July 21, 2006

I am really perplexed at some of the things that have come out of MU in the last week or so. I'll reference each thing by its corresponding Columbia Tribune or Missourian Article

UM curators meet to discuss meeting efficiency
--I really don't see how it can be hard to have efficient meetings, especially when you are dealing with people who have been in the business world for 15+ years. Apparently, the MU curators don't know how to pull one off though. They brought in a consultant to tell them how to have efficient meetings. One of the things that came from the "brainstorming session" was the announcement that two new committees would be formed, one on governance and one on external relations. People, you are a nine-member board, work together.

"And in the future, the board’s two-day meetings will use the first day for committee meetings and the second day for full board sessions. Committees will bring recommendations to the full board for discussion. In the past, the board’s committees met in the presence of the full board, and all members joined in discussion."
----Ok, a couple things with this paragraph from the Tribune article. 1)If you are going to have committees, why have them meet in the presence of the whole board? Then isn't everyone really on the committee? Seems to me that someone just wanted a cool title. 2)Having committee meetings and then bringing the suggestions to the full board for discussion is a waste of time. You will just have to bring the rest of the board up to speed anyways. It's not like this is the Senate or the House of Reps, this is a Nine-member board. I guess the Board president, Angela Bennett, thought of this, but how in the hell did she come to this conclusion?

"Bennett said the new system would eliminate duplicate conversations."

Actually, wouldn't it increase duplicate conversations? because before everyone heard everything or did I read that wrong?

Curators request more control over coaches’ contracts
--Elson Floyd, way to come up with common sense "executive orders". His latest says that coaches can't recieve buyout clauses that exceed the base salary remianing on their contract. No shit, Elson. It's bad enough that someone can get fired and still get $574,000 like Quinn did or the $250,000 that Creg Williams got from the St. Louis Public School District, but to issue an "executive order" saying that? Seems self serving. Why not just say issue one saying "we will use common sense when dealing with contracts"? Obviously, you haven't been doing that when Mike Anderson has it in his contract that he will get $500,000 for each season remaining on his contract should he get bought out. His base salary is $250,000. I don't know what your common sense says, but mine says that that ain't right. Who reviews these things?

Curators to hone UM image
--The curators described the university as "complex and disjointed but also successful and focused". Is that possible? Don't disjointed and focused cancel each other out? Maybe I found why they can't have efficient meetings, and I don't even get paid to consult. One thing that the Curators want is a central public relations station. They mention that the media reports bad things about the university rather than good things . That's really funny because at a recent Curators' meeting, David Wasinger basically accused the Organization Resource Group at Missour-Columbia of misusing student fee money by allocating student funds to a student group to bring Artist Andres Serrano to MU. So, the Curators asked for a detailed report of how the student fee money is spent. The ORG staff worked double time to compile a report and send it off. Two weeks later, Wasinger still hadnt gone through it. Now, if Wasinger had done his homework before accusing, wouldn't we have avoided that accusation being made in the media? The ORG gets roughly $10 from each student at MU. Of that money, over $300,000 is allocated out to student organziations through a 12-member board that evaluates each funding request. Sounds pretty fair. Maybe Wasinger should have reported on the good things that the ORG does, like funding parts of Sustain Mizzou's recycling work, or bringing Noam Chomsky to Columbia?
posted by Ryan Brockschmitt, 8:41 PM


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